Welcome to You First Fitness, thanks for stopping by.

I’m Helen and as Oprah once said “become the change you want to see, these are words I live by”.

You First Fitness was started because of my own journey through motherhood and struggles with my mental health and weight. You can read more about my personal story on the about me page.

My approach to my clients is that we are part of a team. We work together to set small goals. I help keep my clients accountable and support them however it’s required. I like to spend time getting to know all about their life, family, commitments as well as health and fitness before I start working with people.

As a busy mum I understand that making time for yourself isn’t always top of the priority pile and fitting exercise into your day isn’t easy. My promise to you is that I can show you how to do this. I guarantee I can help you to make exercise an everyday part of your life, in the same way that brushing your teeth is.

I enjoy working out using small equipment, such as kettlebells, dumbells, TRX suspension trainer, medicine balls and body weight exercises and getting lots of new ideas of things to try with my client’s to keep their workouts varied. Most of my kit is fully portable so I can offer training in your own home or a location to suit you. For people who prefer a gym environment I have various options including use of the facilities at the Balmer Lawn Hotel.

It’s my aim to teach people things that will, in the long run, improve their all round mobility and movement. I believe this is the key to remaining active and healthy as we get older.

I have additional qualifications in sports and exercise nutrition and I am passionate about not just handing over a diet plan to be followed, but actually educating my clients dependant on their personal goals and lifestyles, to make the healthiest choices for themselves without feeling guilty or struggling on those bad days or special occasions that are a normal part of life. I genuinely believe that there are no bad foods, simply bad choices which over time become bad habits that are hard to break. You will never hear me say you can’t eat or drink something. I will encourage you to own any choice you make and balance it out to stay on track.

I want to reach out and help others to become the very best version of themselves that they can be. I love to help people find their inner confidence and bring it out.

Why not get in touch and make today the day you start to put ‘You First’?

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