Piloxing classes

Piloxing is a combination of Boxing and standing Pilates with a little bit of dance thrown in just for fun. It is a great way of both raising the heart rate to burn fat as well as building long lean muscle. Can you imagine having the toned limbs of a dancer along with the strong core of a boxer? With Piloxing you can!

Each 1 hour class is made up of blocks, 4 boxing, 4 Pilates and 3 dance, along with a warm up, cool down and often some floor work (great for the butt and abs) and you will alternate between the 3 disciplines in an interval format. High intensity interval training (HIIT) has scientific backing to prove it is one of the best ways to torch calories, and with Piloxing you’ll smile your way through the whole session too…Bonus!

To increase the benefit of your workout you have the option to wear weighted gloves for some or all of the main body of the class. Barefoot training is also encouraged to help improve your balance, but again this is purely optional, so if you prefer keeping your trainers on it’s not a problem. Many people wear socks with grips on the bottom, these can be purchased in most sports stores or through the instructor.

Classes are £5 each and run as follows:

  • Monday 7pm Hordle WI Hall, Ashley Lane, SO41 0GA
  • Thursday 7pm Pennington Junior School, Priestlands Road, SO41 8HX

All classes must be pre-booked by going to https://Youfirstfitnessbook.as.me/