Mrs J.

I have been going to Helen’s Piloxing classes since February and really love them. Everyone is made to feel really welcome regardless of age or ability and she offers different moves to progress onto as you improve. We laugh as much as we work and it’s good to see the instructor have bad balance days too!

I have also been working with Helen as a PT for a couple of months now. I have knee problems so she has put together a programme for me that includes exercises in the pool. I’ve already noticed an improvement in my ability to move freely and feel much stronger.

I work long days all over Lymington and the nearby areas so I love that Helen is able to fit around me and is mobile. She will find a park or open space and bring all her stuff to me. So far I have used kettlebells, weights, TRX (which Helen hangs over a tree!) and even some skipping with a rope and boxing! She keeps things really varied and I love training outdoors in the forest, I look forward to it every week and get quite disappointed if we have to go inside.

Helen gave me lots of useful nutrition advice too including ideas for snacks and she never says I can’t have something, just encourages me to make healthy choices most of the time. This is important to me so I can still enjoy treats and eating out.